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BirdShows.Biz is the Newest online resource for locating bird shows, expos, marts, vendors and bird fairs across the United States. This Site is to enable bird owners access to the most up to date information regarding where they can find local bird shows and Vendors that are coming up in their area.

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 Why visit a bird fair, show, expo or Bird mart ?

v  Great Selection. Whether you're in need of a variety of birds, bird seed or pellets, cages, toys, perches, play stands or any other products for your birds, local bird shows and fairs are by far the largest selection you'll find in one location

v  Great Prices. Since most products at bird fairs come straight from vendors and breeders, prices of birds and bird products are way less than what you would find in retail pet shops or commercial chain stores

v  Great Knowledge Base. Most of the vendors are Breeders so you eliminate the middle man and talk directly to the person that raised your bird and that has the most knowledge on food, breeding, housing etc.   

v  Support for Small Businesses. If you've ever visited a bird fair, you undoubtedly know that most vendors go above and beyond to offer quality products at reasonable prices. Bird shows can have a variety of vendors who specialize in certain bird breeds many who travel all over certain regions of the United States. When you buy from a Bird Fair you are supporting small businesses and folks who love what they do

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