09032022_ Albino Female Quaker Possibly masking DF

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Finished 2022-09-03 20:00
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Name :   Mark Lunsford- Possum Holler Aviaries 


 Female Albino Quaker, 2022 hatch . This Bird came from a Dark Factor Clutch and is possibly Masking Dark factor, its Possible , not Guaranteed., Bid Accordingly , I've tried the camera and sunlight trick and cant tell either way , only way I know is breeding 

Shipping /Pickup:

Can be shipped via Delta cargo for shipping costs (168.00 plus 20 crate fee normally), or pickup locally  in the Ocala or Gainesville Fl. Area, can meet locally , NO USPS shipping  birds !!!!!

Payment Type:

 is Zelle or cash, if paid by Square a 3% markup to cover fees is required Payment due on Auction end

no check or green stamps !     

Contact Info:

Contact info so customers can ask questions, messenger link, text, phone number ect , how do you want them to contact you

 message me here for any further questions http://m.me/Possum%20Holler%20Aviaries , Phone number for text  or email address

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